On moving to Sweden

Jorn Steen | Version February 20 th 2024

A report of my move to Sweden (specifically: Uppsala) and start as a postdoc with own funding (Wenner-Gren) at Uppsala Universitet

Including relevant and unexpected details


  • If possible: visit Sweden ca. 1 month beforehand to register at Skatteverket (note: requires an address, but not necessarily your own home)

Things to arrange

  • Register to vote in your home country


Organisation / Employment

Register with a union

For example, SULF https://sulf.se/sulfs-foreningar/sulfuppsalauniversitet/


ChemDraw works in ethernet, and should work on eduroam with vpn (but didn’t for me)

How to get access to the cluster

Getting started with UPPMAX, the Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science

1.    You should visit the national project management platform SUPR and register there. Make sure that you don’t already have an account at SUPR. You must not have more than one account in SUPR.

o   You should register via SWAMID, since UU is part of this identity federation

2.    You must accept the user agreement in SUPR, either online or in paper form. A note will be visible upon logging in to https://supr.naiss.se/

3.    Become a member of a project:

1. If you are a PI: apply for a project in SUPR.

2. If you are not a PI: Apply for membership in a project you want to join in SUPR, Wait for the PI to accept your application. Alternatively, the PI can add you directly.

You must apply for an account at UPPMAX in SUPR. (It does not give me this option in my SUPR account, but I did request an account with Tetralith (8/3/2023))

After the 4 steps are completed your account will be created at UPPMAX within 2 working days and you will receive two emails with information on how to access the UPPMAX resources.

Detailed instructions on how to apply for a user account

SUPR is the NAISS database used to keep track of persons, projects, project proposals and more. To use most SUPR functions you need to be logged in.

National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden (NAISS) took over from SNIC: From 1 January 2023, NAISS takes over the role previously held by SNIC. Read more at the NAISS site.

SWAMID is an identity federation that includes most higher education institutions and government agencies that is involved in higher education and research in Sweden. A list of member institutions can be found in Swedish at the page SWAMID Members. SWAMID offers quality assured and secure identification of employees, students, alumni and other associated in higher education in Sweden, in the Nordic countries, in the rest of Europe and also in North America and Asia.

SSH client

Use Bitvise SSH Client to connect with Tetralith

You need to check the SSH key fingerprints:

How to connect to Eduroam


You need to create and use Password B to use with Eduroam at uu.se/konto

How to access University services remotely

For example to access non-open-access published articles.

Use a VPN: https://mp.uu.se/en/web/info/stod/it-telefoni/anvandarguider/network/vpn-service


Install Cisco AnyConnect VPN

1.    Go to  https://vpn.uu.se.

2.    Fill in USERNAME: your user identity at Uppsala University.

3.    Type in your PASSWORD: your password A.

4.    Click on Login.

5.    Download the recommended installation file and install the software.

Configure VPN (log in)

1.    Start the program and enter the server address: vpn.uu.se

2.    Write in the field USERNAME: your user identity at Uppsala University.

3.    Type in your PASSWORD: your password A.

Test VPN

Go to http://www.visaminip.com/

UU proxy bookmark

Create a bookmark for this link: javascript:void function(){javascript:window.location.href=”http://ezproxy.its.uu.se/login%3Furl=”+window.location.href}();

Insurance / healthcare / …

Health insurance

Right to medical and dental care

When you are registered in Sweden, you are entitled to medical and dental care under the same terms as others who live in Sweden. This means that you pay the standard Swedish patient fee for healthcare in the public healthcare system.

If you are insured in Sweden, you are entitled to state dental support. Read more on the dental support page.


If you want a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): Enroll in the national health insurance system using Form 5456 ‘Information for registration in Försäkringskassan’. When filling out the form, you should request to receive a European Health Insurance card. This will trigger the Swedish Social Insurance Agency to process the enrolment immediately.


“If you move to Sweden without children, you can provide information to Försäkringskassan if, for example, you would like a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or apply for a benefit or allowance.”

This EHIC covers you in the EU.

For outside the EU: you need the insurance card from Kammarkollegiet. Ask HR (Lina Rosén).

Home insurance

Your landlord may offer discount on home insurance with a certain company. For me it was Trygg-Hansa for my landlord Uppsalahem.

Travel insurance

This may be included with your home insurance!

For me it is included with my Trygg-Hansa hemförsäkring. You can sign an additional cancellation insurance if you desire

Travel insurance for work: you are covered for travel-related costs when booking via the travel portal of the University. So make sure to use this portal to book travel and accommodation.

Liability insurance / ansvarsförsäkring

This may be included with your home insurance!

For me it is included with my Trygg-Hansa hemförsäkring.

Living / Bo

  • Vattenfall allows you to sign a contract with them already without having a personnummer.

Apps second-hand

– Blocket: People sell everything

– Tradera: people sell everything. It usually works with bidding, but most of the time you can also buy it immediately at a slightly higher price. Delivery is usually by DB Schenker (is okay; brings it usually to a shop) or PostNord (not great, as you may know, but sometimes there is no alternative)

– Plick: mainly for clothes. Delivery can often be done by Budbee or Instabox (both very very convenient paketbox deliveries), and otherwise PostNord/DB Schenker


  • Internet: need BankID only for setting up contracts online.
  • Just an ID-kort is enough: as soon as you pick up your ID-kort, go to a telecom provider (Tele2, Telia, etc.) and ask an employee to sign you up for a contract (you can do internet, tv, and mobile phone subscription in one go!). Tele2 in Gränbystaden helped me out without any issues


Many second-hand stores have a delivery service

  • Erikshjälpen
  • Helping Hand

The store Alina sells electronics, also second-hand.


Food waste (matafvall) needs to be collected in a paper waste bag (matafvallspåse).


You can get these from various locations, for example recycling collection points: https://www.uppsalavatten.se/hushall/avfall-och-atervinning/avc3#OppettiderAVC

I was able to get them from my local miljöhus!

Bank account


  • accepts foreign ID card, they say in their website; but I decided not to use my Dutch passport, because I don’t want to give out my passport number. I waited till I had my ID-kort
  • Attach registration form of Jacob




One can apply here without/before having a personnummer!

From Francesca

·        The list of documents that Länsförsäkringar asked for:

  • I also sent them a screenshot of my Migrationsverket application as well as the email decision, just so they know the exact type of permit. And bank statements of the bank that you’ll transfer money from to open the account, I forgot that and had to send it in later


Use BankID to register and arrange things here:




Use the UL-app.

Pro tip: load money in your UL basket and use this to buy tickets. It is cheaper than buying tickets directly (with creditcard) (note: from Feb 2024 this is not true anymore…)

Apartment in an apartment complex:

  • Address of apartment complex
  • Apartment number (listed inside the building and next to the outside door)
  • Skatteverkets lägenhetsnummer: use for any government-related business, like registration at Skatteverket
  • Access code of the outside door (portkod): not all apartment complexes have a portkod
  • Storage space (förråd): Uppsalahem provides FOBs (“tagg”) with different capabilities: some open förråd and miljöstuga — some don’t!